The INQUA Commission on Terrestrial Processes, Deposits, and History (TERPRO) promotes and supports research on Quaternary topics related to terrestrial environments and history, especially in areas that investigate new frontiers in science and incorporate multiple and cross-disciplinary research efforts, multi-national research and involve developing countries. TERPRO encourages the development of projects that link research on Quaternary continental environments and tectonics together with the mitigation of societal impacts from natural hazards, such as desertification, extreme climatic events, and earthquakes.

The new intercongress period (2016-2019) is expected to be full of scientific challenges for the Commission. In fact, TERPRO arguably is the Commission which: i) cover the wider spectrum of Quaternary disciplines, ii) coordinates the largest number of International Focus Groups (IFG's) and Projects, iii) received a major share of INQUA funding, and iv) generated most relevant results in 2012 to 2015, in terms of both scientific production and quality/quantity of International Meetings.

Please join our Commission, if you are working in Soil and Paleosols, Floods and their Quaternary Record, Lakes and Paleolimnological Records, Glaciated Mountain Belts and Periglacial Environments, Active Tectonics and Paleoseismicity, Dust and Deserts, Global Large Aquifers and Paleogroundwater, and the interaction between these Terrestrial Processes and the Society, this is the right place for you.

TERPRO supported the participation of a very relevant number of young scientists from all over the world to scientific events in the past 4 years, and is planning to further involving Early Career Scientists in the Commission Executive Team. We work for the continuing growth of this scientific network, increasing the international outlook, and the cross-disciplinary perspective: we are ready to host your contribution.

This is the time for preparing new proposals for IFG's and Projects, please contact us if you are willing to do this in TERPRO. Let us make the beautiful Quaternary Science stronger and useful for the People.

International Focus Groups for the intercongress period 2012-2015
The TERPRO Focus Area Groups and their leaders are:

1 - IFG Palaeohydrological change and Fluvial archive (Gerardo Benito, SPAIN).

2 - IFG PASTSOILS: Paleosol and soil analysis for assessing climate, time and duration of land surface stability of Quaternary terrestrial systems (Daniela Sauer, GERMANY; Rivka Amit, ISRAEL; Sergey Sedov, MEXICO)

3 -
IFG PALACTE: Paleoseismology and active Tectonics (Pablo G. Silva Barroso, SPAIN)

- IFG Hazards and humans (Suzanne Leroy, UK)

5 - IFG SAm-GeoQuat: the South American Project towards an integration and improvement of Quaternary geological data (Daniela Kröhling, ARGENTINA)

6 - IFG G@GPS: Groundwater and Global Palaeoclimate Signals (Jianyao Chen, CHINA)