The INQUA Commission on Terrestrial Processes, Deposits, and History (TERPRO) promotes and supports research on Quaternary topics related to terrestrial environments and history, especially in areas that investigate new frontiers in science and incorporate multiple and cross-disciplinary research efforts, multi-national research and involve developing countries. TERPRO encourages the development of projects that link research on Quaternary continental environments and tectonics together with the mitigation of societal impacts from natural hazards, such as desertification, extreme climatic events, and earthquakes.

International Focus Groups for the present intercongress period (2012-2015)

The TERPRO Focus Area Groups (2013) and their leaders are:

1 - IFG Palaeohydrological change and Fluvial archive (Gerardo Benito, SPAIN).

2 - IFG PASTSOILS: Paleosol and soil analysis for assessing climate, time and duration of land surface stability of Quaternary terrestrial systems (Daniela Sauer, GERMANY; Rivka Amit, ISRAEL; Sergey Sedov, MEXICO)

3 -
IFG PALACTE: Paleoseismology and active Tectonics (Pablo G. Silva Barroso, SPAIN)

- IFG Hazards and humans (Suzanne Leroy, UK)

5 - IFG SAm-GeoQuat: the South American Project towards an integration and improvement of Quaternary geological data (Daniela Kröhling, ARGENTINA)

6 - IFG G@GPS: Groundwater and Global Palaeoclimate Signals (Jianyao Chen, CHINA)